​   Club Events 2017

​ Day               Date             Month    Competitions                Time           Notes
​  Sat                   6th               May       Come & Try Day          12:00
​  Tues.            16th                                Tues. triples Start                        See Notice Board
​  Thu               18th                                 Aggregate Start          14:00   
​   Wed            31st                                 Royal Hosp. Chelsea                  See Notice Board
​  Sun               25th           June           Come & Try Day         12.00

​  Wed             05th           July             BGL invitation Day    13:00
​  Sat                 29th                                 John Ralph Day                            See Notice Board

​  Sun               13th          August        Terry Wood Day                         See Notice Board

​  Sat                02nd         Sept.             Finals Day                                       See Notice Board
​  Sun               03rd                                 Extra Finals Day                           See Notice Board
​  Sat                09th                                 Olympic Trophy                            See Notice Board

​  People at Leisure (Pals)
​  Meet every Thursday at 10:00am throughout the Year in the Club House
​  Contact: Pat Waters T:020 8771 4150

​Learn to Play BRIDGE
Meet Every Friday at 2:00pm Throughout the Season             
​Contact: George Fosker   T:01883 625 755

​Coaching for All Club Members
​Starts Friday 12th May
Time: 6.00pm                                                                            
​Andrew Aldam: T01883 624 616